Marketocracy is a new form of government based on the idea that one, markets are pretty cool, and two, it’s important to have skin in the game when making decisions. The main idea is simple – pay to vote. This principle can be applied to any system with votes, but for the sake of making something more complete, let’s suppose Marketocracy has three branches of government, legislative, executive, judicial.

“But what about those poor poor people?
In this system, a vote would be worth some percentage of a citizen’s previous year’s income; let’s say 1%. So if you, a citizen of Marketistan, made $100k in 2016, all votes in 2017 would cost  you $1k. Additionally, if a vote was set to 1%, you are limited to 100 votes.

“Who’s voting on what?”
Citizens who made income the previous year can vote in the current year on legislation, or they can vote to move vote dates closer. Oh yeah, anyone can write a piece of legislation and register it to the bill queue. Of course the queue will be inundated with legislation, so only legislation which has been voted on to be voted on will be voted on (you can vote at any time to move a vote date closer to the present). Along with bills on the bill queue are repeal requests, which can be submitted after a bill has passed.

The head of the executive branch (president), will be given a (large) salary for each year in office. The president’s vote price is set to <1% of his current year’s salary. The president’s votes buy vetoes. The number of votes needed to veto a bill will be set to some percentage of the number of votes the bill received, let’s say somewhere between 1 and .001%. The cost of a veto would be set such that the president could only realistically veto some small (< 20) number of the total bills approved by citizen voters in a year.

We’ll skip the judicial branch for now, mostly because I haven’t thought of a good way to ‘marketize’ it.

“What about electing officials?”
Ok, I lied earlier, the bill queue isn’t really bill queue, maybe a better name is, “things people vote on” queue. The queue contains candidates to be voted on, and candidate repeal requests. The president, supreme court judges, and executive branch heads can be voted on.

A final note. I think the voting system would work better if citizens were allowed to freely advertise who they were voting for and (contractually) precommit to a vote, and even conditionally precommit, like kickstarter for block voting.

Many of the advantages and problems this system has are left as an exercise to the reader purposely out. Also, welcome to Outre Pool.

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